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CA Title 24 and American Disabilities (ADA) Access Compliance Inspections
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Professional Training Services



Strategic Solutions for Life’s Challenges; These services are for the Empowering of Self-Transformation, Leadership through Professional Development, Personal Development,

Stress Management and other Relationship challenges that effect your life such as Divorce, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, DUI, Abandonment and any other critical Impacting conditions where you need to be supported in the re-building of your life and dreams.

  • Determine your values and empower transformation in all areas of your life
  • Discover secrets to eliminating stress and setting boundaries
  • Deal with the stress from family and work conflict.
  • Deal with the conflict from Suicide, Divorce, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Abandonment, Greif or Loss.
  • Own your habits and fulfill your wildest dreams
  • Discover the keys to building your personal legacy, creating a healthier and happier you
  • Learn how to add vitality so that you live a longer life and experience emotional wellness
  • Unleash and re-create the authentic you
  • Link and connect your business values to your business plan, your employees, and your company’s legacy
  • Define your “Why” so that you are on your path and congruent with your vision, mission, and purpose.

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